A Big Thank You & Some Great Opportunities

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A big thank you to the mobbers who came out to Oakleaf Mennonite Gardens and helped; it was great to see some new faces. We discovered that a whole other batch of mobbers can come on Saturdays, but not necessarily Sundays, so we might try and mix up our volunteer days a little bit in the upcoming future. Good news is we made a really big dent in helping Oakleaf get ready for summer, not-as-good news is there is a ton left to do and they’re a little short on volunteers (not to mention the awesome Cecilia is just going to get heavier with child as the summer wears on). So, if you live in East Atlanta, Oakleaf is just a hop, skip and jump away from you — consider volunteering some of your time there! Crop Mobs are fantastic, but you’re bound to learn a lot volunteering one-on-one or in a small group. If you’re interested, please contact them at oakleafmennonitefarm@gmail.com or call (404)-944-0522.

And the great opportunities keep coming! The lovely Emily Morgan of Angel’s Walk Farm in Fairmount, GA is sadly unable to farm all of her land this year due to her farming partner’s illness. Being the very generous woman that she is, however, she’s offering this land up to the right person/people who would like to farm a portion of the land sustainably or learn from her as you go. She can also teach you some valuable lessons in canning and preserving! Sound up your alley? Contact her at emily.carson.morgan@gmail.com; it’s really a win-win for someone to be able to help her out as well as learn about and grow your own produce as well!

We’ve got some great stuff up our sleeves for the next few months that we’ll let you know about soon. Want to help sooner? Well we’ve got a solution for that, too! You might have met Andy Byrd when Crop Mob helped him get Whippoorwill Hollow Farm ready for the delicious Field of Greens event. Well he needs some help getting tomatoes trellised and ready to go for summer. So, here’s the story: if you are lucky enough to have free time during the day tomorrow or Friday, he really needs one or two folks to come out and give him a hand. Please give him a call at 770-601-0110 or contact your friendly Crop Mob Bosses if you think you can make it. And just to make sure the job gets done, we’re going to offer up a micromob for Sunday. Our Heirloom Gardens mob filled up fast, so we know a bunch of you are wanting to help out this Sunday! GO TEAM!

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