A full-fledged February mob! Come one, come all!

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We know, we know. We said Crop Mob wouldn’t start until March. And then we had a little something in January and a little something this weekend. Well we’ve decided to go ahead and take the plunge and get 2011 rollin’! It’s a little late notice, but we’ll be having an awesome in-town mob February 26th. Yes, it’s a Saturday – which is a little different – but we hope it still works with people’s schedules. We’ll be heading to the West End area of the city to help Patchwork City Farms and Good Shepherd Community Garden get cleaned up and ready for a fertile growing season.

A little more about these great folks:

Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a small multi-family owned urban farm located in the South West of Atlanta in the West End historic district. PCF owners are new urban farmers, educators and social activist who work diligently to uplift our community. They promote a healthy and safe environment by demonstrating and teaching others how to grow safe foods. They encourage the youth in the community to come learn, plant and harvest with them. Patchwork City Farms (PCF) mission is to work with local landholders, public and private, to create a sustainable, naturally grown local food system. The farm plots are Certified Naturally Grown and they are committed to growing produce that is safe and nutritious.

We are also helping Reverend Bright at The Good Shepherd Community Garden get started this year. This church is a keystone food producer for low income families and individuals in the community. They have about 3 acres with approximately 1 acre in production. The church is located less than a half a mile from Brown Middle School farm. GSCG is operated by three older folks who can not do it on their own.

We’ll be doing a whole bunch of stuff including edging out a bunch of beds, building a compost and vermiculture system, pulling old plants and preparing the soil, installing rain barrels and more. Plus, our good friend Suzi from Suzi Taco Catering will be providing us with a killer lunch – you might remember her crazy-delicious sides from the Tewksbury Farm  mob.

No long drive and there’s plenty of parking, but we still encourage carpooling (the best system we’ve found so far is checking in on facebook to see which Whole Foods locations folks are gathering). Well be gathering at Brown Middle School where PCF is located and split up from there to tackle both properties. We’ve been asked to cap this one at 50, so sign up and come see your Crop Mob buddies and wish them a happy 2011!

We’ve missed you!

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