A joyful border crossing

May 27, 2011 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Crop Mob Georgia, Crop Mob Savannah

We echo the sentiments of our Atlanta partners – reporting on this last Crop Mob feels like rubbing it in to those who could not make it. We’ll try to be gentle. As promised there were blueberries galore, and mobbers learned the art of picking the perfect blueberry. I had no idea it was such an exacting art — not sharing the secret, you must mob to learn the ways of the farm. We strung peppers and tomatoes – which I thought was a run of the mill task on a farm, but this particular stringing is an evolving experiment — each year striving to get those plants in an ever more supportive system. An unexpected treat was the sweet potato planting, we learned another time-honored technique as we planted those starts.

And the meal – I am not sure I can contain myself to describe the meal. Richard Wilson and Marley Wreden of Maggie’s Pub prepared a magnificent feast from the Brant Farm goodies. We sat along a beautiful long table on the Brants’ porch and cried over the beautiful meal and company. No, really, a couple of us cried. The photos do more than words could to show the magnificence of the meal, so please check them out.

So much love goes into the Brant Family Farm, and so much love was poured into the meal preparation by Richard and Marley. There was no way that mobbers could help feeling full to overflowing with that love at the end of that day.

It never fails, mobbing takes me through the same cycle every time. The night before I think “I can’t believe I am getting up so early tomorrow.” When I arrive at the farm I think “I can’t believe I am going to be working in this heat.” And then somewhere, at some point – I’m not sure exactly when the magic sets in, but it does — and all I can think is “this has been one of the most amazing days I have ever had, where have these people, this farm, this food been all my life?” And then I can’t wait until the next Crop Mob.

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  • Great recap Andrea! Really wish I could be in two places at once. This mob sounds as equally amazing as the one at Bird’s Nest.

  • I landed here because I googled Atlanta Activist Harvest Crops Georgia. What I was looking for was some kind of group that was interested in going to work on one of the large farms that are being impacted by the new GA immigration laws – where now, probationers are being hired and are dropping like flies. I thought that some people interested in human rights, immigration law, and/or agriculture would be interested in putting in a days work to see how these farms are run and what the conditions are really like. Solidarity, and all – or just education. I’m not optimistic that I could make it more than a couple hours (if that) in the Georgia heat, in the shape I’m in, but I still think it would be worth a try. If there are any like-minded folks on this site, feel free to get the idea out there… I’m not an organizer-type, so I’ll just check in later to see if anyone responds.

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