A Mob in Paradise

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It all started with a majestic flock of wood storks that waded like synchronized swimmers as they welcomed mobbers to Bear Island Farm. It was an apt introduction to the idyllic day ahead in this slice of paradise preserved. Who would think that farm work in the dog days of summer, in the deep south could be so much fun? Only a crop mobber could know that it would be.

We cleared out the spent plants of summer from several rows – rows that at this very moment are being replanted for late fall harvest. We also made soil blocks (if you want to know what those are, you will just have to join a mob) and weeded weeded weeded. Spoils of the day included the last fruits of those spent plants – mobbers took home more than a few eggplants.

Bear Island was our mob’s first swimming mob, and it will be a hard act to follow. The scenery was breathtaking, the current was strong and the pluff mud was soft and cool.  There was even a bit of mob-spa time with pluff mud facials. Topping it all off was a fantastic meal generously prepared and donated by The Cast Iron Chef – find him at area farmers markets. We know we just keep repeating ourselves on this point, but it is always so true —   it was another amazing day of new friendships and priceless memories. These mobs may only be once a month, but mob-connections are timeless.

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