A Welcome Return to Burge

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This past Sunday saw Crop Mob at full force back at one of our favorite places: Burge Organic Farm. One of the largest mobs we’ve had in some time, folks made the migration from Atlanta through some serious rain. We were pretty darn lucky, though, because not only did the rain hold off while we worked, but we were graced with a breezy, overcast morning to protect us from the searing August sun. It was almost downright comfortable out there!

We got there and hit the ground running, splitting into groups to harvest a hefty crop of winter squash, deconstruct the summer tomato bed, weed the asparagus “patch” (note: this thing was a “patch” the same way Australia is an island), pulling up drip tape and various other tasks to keep beautiful Burge humming in its transition toward fall. Cory calculated that in one morning we were able to knock out what would have taken him a month to accomplish by himself — and we had a dang good time doing it! We seemed to have a lot of first-time mobbers join us, which is always exciting and we can’t wait to see them back. Speaking of green mobbers, we had our youngest mobber ever on this outing at a wee and adorable 7 months. Man could that girl haul some winter squash! Kidding…she mostly slept and got cooed at, but, hey…it counts. (In fact, I might try that plan next mob.)

Thanks to Mike’s new camera, there are FINALLY some great pics showing all our hard work – mostly in the form of a squash mountain.  Just when the sun decided to make an appearance, it was about time for us to cool off and get ready for an unbelievable lunch courtesy of Burge’s own Chef Andrew and team along with some Restaurant Eugene and H&F folks. Not only did we dine on killer fish tacos, super delicious slaw, one of the best fruit salads ever, and buttermilk sorbet (oh yes, believe it) but we even got to do it sitting at tables in a beautiful, air-conditioned dining room! We are getting straight up spoiled.

All in all, it was one of our best mobs yet. Ready for some more awesome mobbing action? Good…because we’ve got a whole bunch headed your way with two in September and two in October. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the next few days – we’ll probably post the lot of them so you can start planning in advance, because we’ve got some pretty awesome stuff up our sleeves just as the weather cools down.

Thanks for being so awesome, mobbers!

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