An Heirloom Worth Remembering

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The good news first: we had an AWESOME mob this past Sunday at Heirloom Gardens. We got there, hit the ground running, got a mountain of stuff done, had a great time doing it and even got to enjoy possibly our last cool mob of the year (high of 67 in May? Yes, please). The not so good news is that we weren’t able to get enough folks together for a micromob at Whippoorwill Hollow Farms — we understand, we sort of sprung that on you at the last minute, huh? That does mean we may try and reschedule that for this or the following weekend, so stay tuned.

Now for the nitty gritty of what we did with the unbelievably organized and fun to be around Paula at Heirloom Gardens:

  • Spread and tilled in aged manure in the tomato field, pounded in 24 fence posts, dug holes and planted 250 tomato plants
  • Planted 2,258 plugs of assorted cut flowers, herbs and peppers in houses and fields
  • Planted 200′ of field peas and mulched with hay
  • Planted 400 assorted sunflower seeds
  • Hung tomato hangers and hooked 800 tomato plants in the tomato house
  • Pulled out bolted cabbage, chard and parsley in veggie house, put it out to compost in another field
  • Raked down and replanted a new crop of veggies.
  • Put down hay in the potato field

In Paula’s words, it was “all in all, a grand day!!!!!” and I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the DELICIOUS food the incomparable Megan McCarthy (of Botanical Gardens chef fame) prepared for us out of Paula’s delicious veggies. Along with some stellar H&F bread, we had everything from technicolor beet spreads, delicious sauteed chard, multiple salads with everything from quinoa to beets and blackeyed peas. There was a unanimous decision that if we could all keep Megan around, we’d have no problem going vegetarian today! Check out her website for more info on her recipes, cooking classes, and general coolness:

Paula even admitted that next time we’re in her neck of the woods she thinks she’s ready for a full load of 50 of us — we’ll show these farmers we know how to help them yet!

Keep an eye out for another try to arrange a Whippoorwill Hollow Farm micromob – we haven’t let a farmer down yet, and we’re not fixin’ to start now. See some of you in Blairsville this weekend; get excited!

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  • I knew Megan years ago when she lived in Chicago, and LOVED her “chef-ing” then! Megan cooked for workshops and retreats I hosted, and participants were consistently blown away by the healthfulness, deeeliciousness, and beauty of her “art.” So glad to hear about what you all are doing down there, and how Megan just keeps on making folks happy and healthy!

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