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Oh, mobbing. Every year we say we’ll have a little space, take a little break before the growing season starts. But the truth is, we just can’t quit you. Try as we might, each new year brings a restored excitement for getting down and dirty. So we’re pleased to announce our first mob of 2012!

On February 11th, we’ll be doubling your mobbing pleasure (and doubling your mobbing fun) by offering TWO mobs for you to choose from! Crazy, huh? Our in-town mob will be at Patchwork City Farms installing fruit trees with the tree guru himself Robby Astrove from Trees Atlanta. Want to spend the morning in a more bucolic setting — or do you have a thing for goats? Join us at Decimal Place Farm to help clear fields and address some fence repairs, creek cleanup and some garden work.

Don’t want to wait until February? Our dear friend and great farmer Andy Byrd at Whipporwill Hollow Farms could use a few hands next Saturday to trim his blueberry and muscadine bushes. There will only be a few spots, so sign up today!

Click the link below to register for a mob

Whippoorwill Hollow Farms – 1/28

Patchwork City Farms – 2/11

Decimal Place Farm – 2/11


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  • Do I have to have any experience or “know what I’m doing” to participate in a crop mob event?

    • It certainly helps but it is definitely not required. Many mobbers come out for the first time with very little (or no) experience gardening/farming. We’ll have plenty of tasks for beginners.

      • Thank you Mike.

  • Ok so my wife and I finally found a weekend to join the mob. We are signed up for the goat farm mob! Now what? Do we need to bring tools? Gloves etc? We are excited but don’t want to look over eager. Let us know. Thanks. The Trims

    • No worries. We will send an email this week with all the details.

  • Looking forward to more opportunities

    • Oh no the flu has come to visit our house. This is just not good. I am afraid my wife and I are out for tomorrow. We will try again ugh…..

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