April Showers, May Flowers, Brawny Mobbers

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As the days get longer, mobbers are starting to turn tawny and brawny in the field – getting geared up for our most productive (and sweaty) time of year. We meant to take a break in winter, but due to awesome project opportunities, the (arguably) temperate Georgia weather, and a collective outcry of “when’s the next mob?!”, we muscled right through — leaving us an even stronger force to be reckoned with this year than last!

Happy birthday to Crop Mob Atlanta; we turned one this month! It’s been about a year since we all met to kick this craziness off at the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market and have plunged over 1,400 hands into red soil (who knows how many weeds pulled that amounts to!) across the state to help support local farmers in the hard work they do to maintain a thriving, sustainable food system — we even learned a thing or twenty along the way. It’s been a terrific year thanks to the help we’ve gotten from the farm-to-table restaurant and catering community, local papers, blogs, filmmakers and magazines, and — most importantly — our hardworking, sweat-dripping, lunch demolishing, weed eradicating, river-swimming, mead-drinking, good-time-having mobbers! Y’all make Crop Mob Atlanta the super-productive, sweaty Sunday fun it is.

This month we visited Jared from imhighoncooking.com at Backyard Moon Farms for a lovely, chill day of weeding, hoeing, and general camaraderie. Despite every forecast predicting rain, we managed to have a beautiful sunny day – the highly over-represented ginger contingent of the group even had to bust out the 45+ SPF. The farm is a wonderful spot in Lexington (just a hop-skip from Athens) for which the super-nice Jared and his lovely fiance abandoned their New York City lifestyle to raise crops and livestock sustainably. We weeded a few strawberry beds in addition to clearing, tilling and seeding rows of buckwheat between the potatoes to encourage beneficial insects to keep the population of not-so-beneficial insects in line. Once we knocked that out, we got a VERY exciting treat: Terry, the legendary chef from Farm Burger, came out and made us a feast of pimento cheese sandwiches (yes, it rivaled all other pimento cheese sandwich experiences I’ve had, and I’ve had a few), salad with the farm’s produce and Farm Burger pickled Vidalia onions, and some life-changing deviled eggs. If there’s one thing we are, it’s happy and well-fed – and now that Miss Amy is our Crop Mob Food Coordinator, we’re sure to stay that way. So a huge thanks to Amy, Farm Burger and Backyard Moon Farms.

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Who’s ready for our next one!? On the 15th of May, we’ll be going to Heirloom Gardens in Cumming to help Paula plant some tomatoes and otherwise get her place ready for summer! We’ve been asked to cap this one at 30, and expect to have quite a few new faces, so be sure to sign up soon! In other very exciting news, Hugh and Shabari Bird Lovel have invited a small group of us to come back up to UAI farm and Bird’s Nest for another overnight! We’ll be working on the garden at Bird’s Nest and will enjoy more lectures — and hopefully pancakes — from Hugh. Mark your calender for the 21-22 of May, and we’ll shoot you some more information and a registration link later this week.

Thanks for an awesome year, y’all; I can’t wait to see what this one brings!

Click Here to Register for Heirloom Gardens

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