Berms, Compost and Other Life Lessons

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We had a lovely crop mob this past weekend at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center; the group helped create passively aerated (read: don’t need turning) compost berms to help enrich the soil and reduce runoff. As we worked, we got to learn a few permaculture basics including how to use a water level to determine the shape of berms and swales — which are constructed, level mounds and ditches that redirect rainfall and help irrigate — and much more.

Everyone kept busy with tasks including pulling up spent plants, breaking down cardboard boxes, hauling woodchips & soil but the fun part was that all our separate projects were just different components of the berm. By the end of the day, we were all pitching in together on the same task and left with a pretty impressive berm constructed. Permaculture involves a lot of work upfront to reduce the amount of work needed over time, and we were glad to play a small part in helping Cedar Hill begin implementing these great practices. And, of course, we were well fed and felt fancy with cloth napkins and actual flatware. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Cedar Hill as they increase their focus on sustainable living skills.

Remember, one of our last mobs of the year is coming up this weekend at Manyfold Farm and we still have spots to fill. Rebecca and Ross know farming, sheep, cheese and much much more – all knowledge that I’m sure they will be happy to share. So enjoy a wonderful weekend getaway with friends before the real cold weather sets in – and before Crop Mob goes into planning mode for 2012. See you there!

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