Crop Mob at Birdsnest Retreat and UAI Farm

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Happy new year, mobbers! We’ve got a really fantastic opportunity for a handful of folks to kick off a tremendous year of Crop Mob. We’ve been invited up to Birdsnest Retreat and Union Agricultural Institute Farm in Blairsville to help get the first biodynamic farm in Georgia back into good shape. We’ll be going up the morning of Sat. the 22nd of January and returning after lunchtime on the 23rd. That’s right: Crop Mob overnight! And it’s sure to be an amazing, edifying time. The farm is shared by Shabari Bird and Hugh Lovel and is the basis for Hugh’s book “A Biodynamic Farm” — which is considered globally to be one of the best books on biodynamic farming available.

Shabari’s late husband, Christopher Bird, was the coauthor of “Secrets of the Soil” and “Secret Life of Plants”. Birdsnest is the retreat center built by them to provide a venue for events for agriculturalists as well as transformation. It also houses the 4000 book library and archives of Christopher Bird.

Hugh and Shabari are now a married couple after 37 years of friendship and being neighbors. They spend most of the year in Australia as Quantum Agriculture consultants and Workshop leaders. UAI farm is now being offered for sale and is in desperate need of some TLC to the farm house where we will spend most of our time as well as cleaning up some of the 200 biodynamic growing beds. Shabari will be providing housing in the 7 guest bedrooms of Birdsnest for the Mob as well as meals. Please let her know if you prefer vegetarian meals. The evening will be spent in asking Hugh any questions regarding Biodynamics, CSA, market gardening or Quantum Agriculture. Shabari is available to teach you dowsing (she originally taught Hugh dowsing in 1977) and speak on food preservation.

Be sure to bring your musical instruments or wine and beer so we can cut loose and have ourselves a time in the meeting room. Also feel free to bring a sleeping bag if you’d like, though sheets will be provided. Due to the space constraints, we can only fit 15 mobbers. If you’re on the fence about it, leave the spaces open for folks who are really interested in learning more about biodynamic farming, as this is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.

We can’t wait! We’ve got some great ideas about the upcoming year and can’t wait to share them with you and get your feedback — both at this outing and future ones. Look for another, full-sized mob in March.

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Photo credit: Jaymi Heimbuch

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