Crop Mob – Greenhouse Raising at Tewksbury Farms

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Well, we’re not barn raising quite yet, but we’re getting close with our next mob! On August 29th, we’ll be heading east of the city (about 20 minutes past Burge) to Tewksbury Farms where we’ll be building greenhouses! I know we’ve got a lot of mobbers with some serious carpentry skills, and we’re ready to see what you’ve got. Of course, no prior skill is necessary. No matter what you know how to do, just show up and you’ll be able to add “greenhouse construction” to your list of life skills before we’re done. Plus, Tewksbury is run in a traditional Amish style, so we may get to see some plow horse demonstrations and learn about a style of farming few of us have access to!

I’m not kidding when I tell you this mob’s going to be a bit of a party. We know many of you wake up far earlier than you would want to on a Sunday to get to these farms and we’re hoping for a 9AM start time on this one, which is why Tate at Tewksbury has very kindly offered for people to come and camp Sat. night if you’d like. We’ll be sure to post more info and a sign up for that soon so you can make an evening of it – but don’t y’all go getting all crazy now…we’ve got hard work to do on Sunday! We’re giving the very generous Miller Union a break since they JUST fed our faces last weekend (be sure and congratulate them on being Atlanta Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year) and instead Plow Point Farms have donated free range chicken and we’re arranging for some gourmet sides. Does it get better than camping, delicious food and greenhouse construction? You bet it does! We haven’t gotten confirmation just yet, but Tate is working his magic to see if we can’t get a band to come play some tunes at lunch. It’s gonna be a heck of a good time. You won’t want to miss this one!

So, we’ll send a reminder closer to the mob, but don’t forget smart people things like sunscreen, water, boots, hat but also things you’ll be likely to forget like plates, utensils, napkins etc. And this go around, if anyone has any cordless drills, saws or other helpful construction tools, we sure would appreciate if you’d bring them along. Be sure to label them!

This is the first time we’re trying two larger mobs in one month, so show us you want us to keep it up by coming out to Buckhead, GA (no, not expensive one in midtown Atlanta) and helping our friend Farmer Tate get his greenhouses ready for fall! More on the camping situation soon!

Tewksbury Farm
1121 Mason Rd.
Buckhead, GA 30625

Register Now (Click Here)

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  • Just to confirm- Both The Barefoot Hookers and St.Francis have signed on to play starting at 12:30.

  • Hi Mike,
    do we need also to bring some boxes of nails/screws? If so, let me know what they prefer to use and I will bring some.
    I wish I could camp with you guys but I will be there on sunday morning.

  • Massimo, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to bring some nails/screws. Tate did say it would be good for people to bring cordless drills though.

  • Cool. I will bring also some cordless stuff… I’ll bring deck screws/nails: they are good for outdoor usage in general.

  • Most of the work will be drill type fastening. The end walls are 2×4 and will need to be hammered together. Probably #2 phillips bit,1/4″,5/16 and 3/8″ nut drivers for your drill. Thanks so much TAte

  • Half of the support posts are cemented in.Imagine working out the pythagorean theory in 95 degrees,in the dirt,with 4 foot holes and a lonely post hole digger.18 posts in 18 more to go. I managed to only slice open one finger in the process.
    Our local newspaper is coming to help and make all of you more famous. A member of the Morgan County Conservancy (land conservation group) is donating some beers for after lunch. Thanks tater

  • Tate,
    Look forward to seeing you Sunday. Will bring Daisy.
    Sounds like you & pythagorus been working hard.

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