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That first Mob with the Sun Dog Farmers at Skip’s Garden was such a good time, we’re already hankering for another. This go around we’re heading south of the city on June 6th to Greg Brown’s GreenLeaf Farms in Barnesville, GA. Get ready to tackle projects from creating squash beds and chopping firewood to digging water lines, painting signs, and much, much more.

We’ll have plenty more details as the date approaches (including what you can look forward to for lunch and info on carpooling) but here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • If you have any old newspapers or unwaxed cardboard, bring it along to use under mulch for weed control
  • Please bring any wheelbarrows, pitchforks, rakes or shovels if you have them
  • Be sure to bring the essentials (water, sunscreen, plate & utensils, etc.)

We have to cap this event at 50 participants. So if you sign up to come and realize you can’t make it, please let us know so we can free up the space for someone else who would like to come.

We know there are lots of mobbers eager to get involved, so we’re potentially planning a mini-mob for this month so you have some events to choose from. We haven’t gotten the green light just yet, but we’ll give you a hint: we may be planting a restaurant garden for a hot, up-and-coming Atlanta restaurant. So, we’ve got more info on the way, but this should whet your appetites.

Register on Eventbrite (Click Here)

Hey Mobbers! We sure love how enthusiastic you guys are and would love to have you involved in the leadership of the group. We’re all in this together for the sustainable well-being of our community, so let us know if you’d like to get more involved – we could use some extra help on the organization front!

More details on the way! And be sure to check out (or volunteer at) the Crop Mob stand at Evolverfest this June 20th at the Lake Claire Land Trust.

Photo Credit: bcballard

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  • How do we get on the list to get “mobbed”. I’m in Gwinnett County, and tomorrow I am hosting the first of many discussions on sustainable living. I will definitely get the word out about you guys, and would be happy to pass along any information you need.

    • Hey Pilar, the easiest way to get on the list to get Mobbed is to start participating in the Mobs on other farms. The farms of Mobbers get priority over non-Mobbers. If you aren’t able to make it then try and encourage others that work on your farm or buy from it to attend the Mobs.


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