Divide and conquer

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Well a handful of us are on our way to Blairsville this weekend to mob Hugh and Shabari’s place, but we’re leaving behind some work to be done…and that’s where our other trusty mobbers come in! As you know, our attempts to get people out to Whippoorwill Hollow Farm last weekend didn’t exactly pan out. We understand – it was late notice and folks probably already had their weekend plans nailed down. We asked if this weekend or the following would be best to give it another go and got a mixed response.

So in true Crop Mob fashion, we’re offering both! Just go to the registration page and you’ll see that you can pick this Sunday or the following to help out Andy. It will probably be a very low-key affair, and you might have to tote your own lunch (or talk potluck with your buddies), but a farmer in need is our first priority…not to mention that Andy is a great guy. So start registering away and get a friend involved – the weather’s supposed to be wonderful, so there’s no better way to spend your Sunday than digging in the dirt and playing in the sunshine.

Also, get excited for our first Family Mob next month! That’s right: we’re mobbing family friendly style, so bring the kids, bring the grandparents — we’re havin’ a shindig! More details soon, but go ahead and block out June 11th – yes! A Saturday!

Go team!

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