Double your Mobbing Fun this March

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Hey Mobbers!

You ready to kick off another Crop Mob year? Thanks to an awesome group of volunteers who are helping us grow and maintain Crop Mob, this year is going to be better than ever, and we’re starting it off with two mobs in March! Opposite sides of the city, same awesome mission – helping farmers grow sustainably and keep the local food movement community-driven! And sweaty hugs. Can’t forget those.

On March 14th, a group of folks will be heading to Roswell to help the lovely and charming Farmer Billy at his home farm. We’ll be helping him move some fencing, but no matter the project, being at Billy’s is always a wonderful time. As one of our elders in the farming community, it’s always wonderful to glean the knowledge and stories he so generously shares. Get details and sign up for that mob here.

On March 21st, we’ll be heading to Tierra Sonrisa in Palmetto, GA to help Farmer Frank get this farm ready for spring. Frank is wonderful about combining working and learning, so you’re in for a great education along with your hard work! Find out more and reserve your spot here.

Or you can REALLY kick off Crop Mob 2015 and go to both!

Alright, mobbers – let’s do this year right! See you at the mobs in March!

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