Farming’s the Same in Any Language

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Hey Mobbers!

Thanks so so much for your willingness to help out with upcoming mobs. We’re still sifting through responses and calendars to figure out who would be best for each, but we had enough that y’all might get to work in mini-teams, which we think is pretty cool.

Also, thanks so much for all of you who lent a hand at Greenleaf Farm to help out Greg this past weekend. If you missed out or just need to get your farming on, he’ll need ongoing help, so please let us know if you have a free day here or there to jump in and get dirty.

Sunday, we’re heading out to Le Tre Lune on the Glover Family Farm to help them keep up with the needs and weeds of summertime. AND it’s a nice nostalgia moment because that’s the very same spot we held our first ever Crop Mob 3.5 years ago. Cycles, man – crazy stuff. And if helping beautiful and wonderful farmers Lauren & Luca or some mob nostalgia isn’t enough to lure you in, how about this: lunch will be provided by Chef Drew Belline of No. 246 (and formerly Floataway Cafe). That means tasty fixins, folks!

So go ahead and grab your spot and we’ll see you there!

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