Freewheel Farm: Big Help on Little St.

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Hey Mobbers!

Our July mob is gonna be great since we’re helping everyone’s favorite in-town farm, Freewheel Farm. Brent needs our help harvesting, weeding, mulching, pruning, bed building and more – so get ready for a full day of work and fun just a short skip from the heart of the city. Remember to bring a water bottle, sun screen, dress for the weather – you know, all the smart things. Gloves will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

We’re trying to arrange food right now, but if we can’t please bring a dish to share with your new mobber friends. Find extra parking/directions below, and we can’t wait to see you there!
216 Little Street is just a concrete block shell of a house, with a chain link fence around it. The #216 is on the wall of the house. There is a dirt/gravel/sawdust driveway that leads alongside the house out to the farm. Please park on the street, with consideration for the residents, and walk up the driveway past the “house”.

If you can’t find parking on Little St., the farm property actually wraps around the house that’s next door on the corner of Little and Connelly, so there is more street parking available on Connally, but Connally is one way. So if you’re traveling westbound on Little, you have to go to the first right past Cheney Stadium, Ami St., take a right, go down to Georgia Ave., take a right, and then take the next right on Connally, until you get to the tall brown house on the left. The empty lot next to the brown house is next to the farm. If you’re traveling east bound on Little, go to Grant Terrace and take a left. Take your first left on Bill Lucas. Take the next left, which will be Connally, and look for the tall brown house on your left and the empty lot/dirt hole next to it. The farm is next to the hole. You can jump over the black retaining fabric if you want and walk up to the farm, or you can walk around the corner and come up the driveway.

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