From Fire To Ice: The Ongoing Saga of Crop Mob Atlanta

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When we last left our mobbing heros, we were preparing to descend on Andrew Crawford’s metalshop, home of his urban farm Atlanta Grown. And lands alive, did we ever make it count! Andrew was a complete champ in the organization category, so we split into teams and hit the ground running. By the end of the day we had installed and mostly planted 9 raised beds, additional compost bins, fenceposts (always hard work) and beehives along with clearing, mulching, and generally being rock stars. We were well rewarded by Chef Horgan who hooked us up with BBQ, salads, grill goodness, apple pie and even pineapple upside down cake cooked outdoors in a dutch oven covered in coals. It was definitely a mob for the record books, and timelapse video was taken! So soon we can see a solid day of mobbing condensed into a couple of minutes! Sure to be fun….

Now that we’ve helped out a farmer of fire and metal, our next farmer is one of ice – ice cream, that is! Jake – of Atlanta establishment Jake’s Ice Cream – has a one acre farm in College Park that’s looking for a little Crop Mob lovin’. Herbs, fruits and more from his farm are used in soaps and, of course, ice cream enjoyed by Atlantans across the city. We’ll be weeding, planting, installing fruit trees and more – followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Jake himself at the farm’s outdoor kitchen – and ice cream! It’s sure to be a great – and delicious – mob, so come visit us Sat. morning. at the farm, and bring your sweet tooth – and any shovels and clippers you might have. (Seriously, we need shovels.)

There are only 15 spots for this mob, so get yours now!

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