From Schools to Studios: Mobbing Atlanta One Plot At A Time

Apr 10, 2012 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Crop Mob Atlanta, Crop Mob Georgia, Events

This year has been going along swimmingly for Crop Mob Atlanta, and we have some exciting stuff coming your way. First off, we visited Harvest Montessori last month to help install an edible playground, and it was a fantastic time. But aren’t you tired of hearing us wax on and on about what a great time we think Crop Mob is? We’d much prefer to hear y’all talk about it – so check out the account of our Harvest Montessori mob from a first-time (and hopefully repeat offender) mobber: We also had a mini-mob visit mobber Lynn’s farm in Smyrna to help her get all squared away for the season and it went off without a hitch, thanks in large part to Lynn’s delicious cooking.

This month, we’ve got a pretty awesome mob in store. Atlanta artist, metalsmith, and all-around awesome dude, Andrew Crawford is turning the vacant space beside his studio into an urban farm. Pretty sweet, huh? And guess who he’s called to help. That’s right! So mark your calendars for April 21st for an in-town mob over on the Westside (just a stone’s throw from our pals Miller Union) where we’ll be clearing brush, mulching, building beds, repairing fences, building beehives, planting and much much more. We’ve even arranged a grill-off for your dining pleasure. It’s sure to be a fantastic time and will probably fill up fast, so snag your spot soon! And if you’ve got extra rakes, shovels, drills or wheelbarrows, bring em along!

There is very limited parking for this mob so please make sure to walk, bike, take public transit, or carpool there.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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  • All I can say is wow. I was really impressed with the caliber of people who came out to mob. This was my first and I look forward to more, not to mention hosting one at our farm! It’s really awesome to see a bunch of folks come together, work, fellowship and contribute to their community. Thanks everyone for a great experience.

  • My son and I had a blast! It’s a beautiful space and we look forward to returning to the garden in another month or so to see how everything is growing. We can’t wait to do another Crop Mob!

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