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To join the Crop Mob and participate in future mobs, please visit our Facebook Page and become a fan, follow us on Twitter, or join the mailing list.

If you are interested in hosting a crop mob, come and express your interest at the next mob.

If you are interested in doing a media interview, we’ll see you at the next mob.

If you are unable to join us because you don’t live in the Atlanta area, feel free to start your own crop mob! To learn more, read our Getting Started Guide or download it in PDF format. Here are a few key principles:

  • No money is exchanged.
  • Work is done on small-scale, sustainable farms and gardens.
  • A meal is shared, often provided by the host.
  • This is not a charity. We crop mob for crop mobbers.

Use this map to find a crop mob in your area or create one and spread the word (don’t forget to add a way for others in your area to contact/join the mob). Happy mobbing!

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