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And we’re off! We’ve already had three successful mobs in 2012 with more on the way. The small group that came out to Whippoorwill Hollow Farm in February had a fantastic time as always and our simultaneous March mobs at Patchwork City Farms & Decimal Place Farm were a terrific success. Patchwork City has some fantastic new raised beds to work with, and in future years Decimal Place will be full of fruits and berries planted by mobbers. (You can read more about our Decimal Place experience on their blog)

We have two small in-town mobs this month, so snag your registration quick!

Crop Mob at Harvest Montessori School

The first is on the 17th at Harvest Montessori School where we’ll be helping Frank from the nonprofit REAP establish an edible playground garden. We’ll be setting up the playground growing structures and preparing the soil to ready it for the children planting their very own garden. Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a truly green fashion (and still have plenty of time for revelry later in the day). This mob is limited to 15.

Register for the Harvest Montessori Mob

Crop Mob at Aquifer Farm

The second is on March 31st at mobber Lynn’s Aquifer Farm building raised beds, planting, and helping prepare for a busy growing season. Come see how to make the most out of growing in a smaller (1/2 acre) space. You might even get inspired to start your own urban farm! This will be limited to 10 mobbers.

Register for the Aquifer Farm Mob

Photo credit: Amy Beaver

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  • […] but set up growing structures and prepared the soil for an edible playground garden at a local Montessori School. The students will then plant the gardens and make meals using the food they’ve […]

  • We would love to know how to arrange a crop mob to help us get started this year. We are overwhelmed. How does a small urban farm (College Park) qualify? We can promise to feed a crowd some incredible Jake’s Ice Cream.

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