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On Saturday, April 23 the Crop Mob Savannah will be hitting Gratitude Gardens in the Georgetown area of Savannah. Gratitude is our next site thanks to Gratitude farmer Susan Giddens. Susan is an inaugural Savannah mobber — she has participated in both of our initial mobs — at Avondale Farm and Hope Grows. And mobbers mob for mobbers.

Gratitude Gardens is a small family farm that grows a variety of local favorite veggies and herbs. And yes, there are chickens too. Among the many things that Gratitude does to welcome neighborhood involvement is their partnership with Windsor Forest High School agri-science students — offering a place for the students to gain working knowledge of a farm. Crop Mob knows all about working knowledge.

“Gardens” is also plural for a reason — they have several locations and, depending on our mob size, a few folks may get the opportunity to travel to more than one site. Mob work at Gratitude will entail the ever-essential weeding (so you think you know how to weed? – crop mob will show you how the pros do it), thinning and possibly planting. For those of you who were disappointed to miss out on all the chicken-love at Hope Grows, there will be chicken work – just some light coop repair.

The main mission of Gratitude Gardens is “to enrich the soul and to strive to leave each person and place better than we found it.” We think a Crop Mob is up to that task.

Event Update: Great news…Cha Bella will be providing the food for this mob!

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  • I would love to join Susan and the other mobbers, but I have already committed to another volunteer activity on Saturday. Hopefully Susan will let me come visit the farm another time.

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