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Great news! Greg is on the mend from his surgery and is feeling better day by day. He’s still got quite a lot that needs to be taken care of at the farm, and his biggest trouble is following the doctor’s orders not to overwork himself. SO, that being said, who’s up for helping out at GreenLeaf this weekend? Last time was great, and if you haven’t been to one of our smaller gatherings, I really encourage it. Lots of fun.

Last time we brought some food potluck style, and that seemed to work pretty well! So consider it a time to show of your agricultural and culinary chops! No pressure, though – you can always just contribute bread or something if the whole cooking thing is a little intimidating. Sign up today so we can coordinate carpooling and other sorts of goodness like that. Plan on getting there between 9:30-10.

And thanks for helping out our buddy Greg; Crop Mob really does feel like a family sometimes. A big, stinky, sweaty, very hungry, happy family.

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  • Hello Greg and Meda,
    I’m sorry I can’t be there this Sunday, but I hope you guys have a wonderful
    day, with lots of sunshine in the sky, and lots of fellowship.
    All the best.

  • […] Help a Local Farmer: Come on out this Sunday (3/20) to help Greg Brown at Greenleaf Farms. Greg is recovering from a surgery he underwent last week to hopefully correct a genetic heart defect. He really needs a few extra hands to prepare for spring since he can’t do the work himself. Find Out More. […]

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