Goodness at GreenLeaf. Excited for Avondale.

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Well, mobbers, it sure seems like we’re picking up speed. I guess that’s what folks like us are supposed to do coming on springtime, huh? We had a wonderful micromob at Greg’s this past weekend and discovered how wonderfully warm a greenhouse can keep you on a blustery day. It was a great day of weeding and transplanting little sprouts to their own homes. I must say, if you’ve never signed up for a micromob or minimob, be sure to give it a try sometime; you get to know your fellow mobbers much better, and it’s an awfully cozy feeling – esp. eating roast chicken in a lovely farmhouse together and touring around a very historic farm. Plus, you never know what “treasures” are found on old farm property – and some things you just have to see to believe (wink wink nudge nudge to the folks who made it out).

We’ll be organizing lots of micromobs out to GreenLeaf in the next several months, so be sure to take advantage of one. Greg’s headed to the hospital tomorrow for his procedure, so please keep him and Maeda in your thoughts.

Guess what this weekend is! The Georgia Organics conference and the kickoff of Crop Mob Savannah! We can’t wait to see what our friends down south have in store for us; we have no doubt they’ll help spread the mob love across the state with us. And if you’re going, don’t forget about the time change! Anyone an hour late will be forced to complete their choice of the funky chicken, the electric slide, or the boot-scootin’ boogie in front of all other mobbers before beginning work. I kid…though it does seem an appealing option. I look forward to filling everyone in with a complete recap when we get back.

Things to keep on your radar:

  • Later this month we’ll be having the first Crop Mob Speakeasy. You won’t have to know a secret password, and there won’t be any moonshine (though drinks will be available for purchase). Basically, it’s a time for us all to gather together and discuss an issue or two pertinent to Georgia’s sustainable ag movement. Topic and location to be announced shortly, but I have it on good authority that both are pretty awesome. It will most likely be around 7:00 on a weeknight…that work for you folks?
  • We will be having a full scale mob in the city on the 27th, so mark your calendar. We’ll fill you in on the details on that one soon, too. You can’t expect us to give away ALL the good secrets at once, can you??
This whole Crop Mob thing is flyin’ like greased lightening thanks to the dedication of our mobbers. And we’re not even a year old yet!

More to come!

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  • Wooohoooo! We are for real Savannah ~ Let’s bring it!
    I can’t wait to meet more good people and learn more about locally grown food in our area. See you all for the Hope Grows Mob April 3rd

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