Gourmet Garden Installation

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This past weekend our mobbers had a wonderful – and delicious – time laying the groundwork for a wonderful garden at local artisan food producer Bella Cucina‘s East Point warehouse. Along with planning help from Sustenance Design, we all broke into groups to tackle the days chores. And, in typical mobber style, knocked them out at an impressive clip.

The brawny and brave of the group helped take down the chain link fence and accompanying barbed wire while other groups helped mark out beds with broken-down cardboard, created a composting station, cleared underbrush, and more. Finally we all pooled resources to create raised beds of dirt and very fragrant, almost-compost (ZOO POO!) and mulched them. As we left, the water was being hooked up and plants were ready to be popped into the ground and watered.

All in all, we did a great job getting this project off the ground; our tasks for the day encompass only about 1/4 of the proposed plan for that space, which will eventually include a chickenhouse and permaculture elements including fruit trees and an herb spiral. And then, oh then, we were fed. And it was unbelievable. I knew we’d be receiving good treatment on the culinary front, but nothing could have prepared us for the amazing spread Alisa provided: two kinds of focaccia, an arugula pasta, amaaaazing torta rustica, a savory apple salad, chicken kabobs with meyer lemon cooked outside over Tuscan grills, death by chocolate cookies…it was a feast of epic proportions.

Afterward we got to enjoy a tour of the facilities, which are unbelievably impressive and much larger than they appear from the outside (as one mobber asked “where’s the pool?”) It’s amazing and impressive that even at the large scale on which Bella Cucina operates, everything is still created by hand – right down to the labeling – and without preservatives. Soon, the warehouse and garden space will also function as a community hub for classes and shared commercial kitchen activities. Additionally, Bella Cucina is looking for a farmer who might be interested in tending the space – so we’ll keep you updated as we get more info on that in case any mobbers want to try their hands at being a farmer without having to leave town.

Thanks, everybody, for a great mob. We’ll report back on Field of Greens and our pre-event farm extravaganza soon.


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