Happy New Year, Mobbers!

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Well guys, we sure are excited to embark on a new year of helping Georgia’s agrarian movement and just digging in the dirt with friends. Your Mob Bosses are in planning mode, trying to pull together some fun mobs and exciting surprises for 2012. We’ve already got a few great places looking for our help, and we’re more than glad to help! We’ll send out an update soon with info on an upcoming Speakeasy as well as our first mobs of the year.

Our last mob was a wonderful success at Cumming Elementary School. We had the fortune to work with the school’s “green team” – kids, parents and teachers dedicated to maintaining the school’s very impressive sustainable garden. We all worked together to mulch paths and create row covers for the 25 raised beds tended by different classes so that students can grow throughout the school year. It was a real pleasure to be involved in a farm to school initiative where we worked side-by-side with the children. Anna Doll does a fantastic job making sure the children at Cumming Elementary receive a well-rounded education including a hands-on experience of the food they eat. We were also lucky enough to enjoy a delicious lunch provided by the unparalleled Megan McCarthy (http://www.healthyeating101.com/) with some tasty additions from the parents. All in all, it was a great mob to close out 2011.

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  • We want to thank the Atlanta Crop Mob for coming out to Cumming Elementary. Here’s a link to our webpage on the Crop Mob visit. We are going to be the proud owners of a 48 square foot germinating system so that we can grow our own plants from seed! If you have any heirloom seeds you can spare, we’d love to have them.

    Thanks again for your help. Our hoop houses withstood 35 mile an hour winds and <20 degree weather…we harvested some great lettuces and greens, as well as several heads of broccoli!

    We are looking forward to joining the Crop Mob on some of your mobs this spring.

    Anna Doll

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