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Sometimes the people who brighten your day each time you see them need your help. Many of you know farmer Greg Brown from GreenLeaf Farms in Barnesville, GA. Whether you’ve purchased enormous produce from him (he is, after all, the compost master) at one of the city’s farmer’s markets or have had the fortune to learn from him, Greg has an amazing ability to make everyone around him happy, at ease, and better educated about sustainable growth.

But now Greg needs our help. He has a health condition that has not only resulted in some very high medical bills, it’s also taken him out of commission on the farm for a bit. One of the risks sustainable farmers take to provide the rest of us with clean food is forgoing any sort of benefits package, so when the hard times hit, sometimes they hit very hard.

That’s why we’re trying to raise money to help Greg keep GreenLeaf Farms. Whether you know Greg personally, have enjoyed his delicious produce or simply want to make sure that our sustainable farmers like him have the help they deserve when they need it most, please consider donating $10 — or whatever you can.

As many of you know, it’s hard to endure any sort of physical ailment that keeps you from doing what you love. But sadly, in Greg’s case, being unable to do what you love means it may no longer be there once you’re recovered and able. That’s why we’re all pitching in, both financially and physically, to help one of our favorite local, sustainable farmers when he needs it most. As a dedicated member of Crop Mob Atlanta, as well as an outstanding friend to farmers and consumers alike, Greg is always there for others. We’re happy to repay the favor.

Please join us in helping Greg. For more info — or if you’d be interested in helping on the farm — please contact Mike at

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  • We’ve had some questions about what it is that is wrong with Greg and just wanted people to know that he has something called Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia. He was diagnosed 13 years ago and has a defibrillator implanted. It’s a progessive disease and fortunately we have the best doctors at Emory treating him. Thank you everyone for your help!

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