Helping the people making a difference in the West End

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This past weekend we had the absolute joy (not to mention tremendous weather!) of helping out Patchwork City Farms and Good Shepherd Community Garden. Patchwork City Farms is located on the Brown Middle School campus and is really a sight to see! The beautiful and amazing Cecilia, Jamila and Jossakeed are working super hard to see it thrive and provide the community and school kids with delicious sustainably-grown food and an education in growing without chemicals in an urban landscape. Half our crew spent the morning there, creating beds & trellises, seeding and generally preparing the area for the upcoming season.

The other half of us took a stroll (or drive…laaazy bones!) through beautiful West End over to Good Shepherd Community Church (historical nerd tangent: did you know that West End was Atlanta’s first suburb? Neither did I until last saturday! Yup, the intersection of Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. and Lee St. is considered the oldest intersection still in use in Atlanta dating back to 1835! Plus the cottage homes over there are just gorgeous…keep an eye out for all the cool original stained glass details! End tangent.) At Good Shepherd, we met the charming Reverend Bright, sweet as pie Mrs. Bright and were kept on task by the unparalleled Ms. Turner – she grew up on a farm in Lovejoy, GA and knows how to get work DONE. We harvested a lot of winter greens and continued the task of keeping the kudzu that once enveloped the entire growing space at bay with sling blades and a lot of back and shoulder strength.

Just as our stomachs clued in to it being after noon, we were treated to the most fantastic spread by Ms. Suzi Sheffield, caterer, chef and all-around awesome human. We were treated to – try not to salivate – gumbo, tofu curry, pimento cheese slices, seasoned sweet potatoes, cole slaw that absolutely everyone demanded a recipe for, cookies, brownies, and sweet little clementines. So. Good.

It was a really great day, but sadly we had to leave a lot of tasks still undone. Which means we may certainly be heading out to these two great spots again sometime in the not too distant future. It also means if you live in that area and would like to volunteer some of your time, we’ve got some folks who would appreciate it more than you know. Plus they’ll keep you cracking up the whole time; it hardly counts as work!

Don’t miss our next trip out there; and please let us know if you’re interested in helping out these gardens when you’ve got some spare time. Good stuff.

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