Hey good lookin’. What are YOU doing this Sunday?

Mar 3, 2011 by     Comments Off on Hey good lookin’. What are YOU doing this Sunday?    Posted under: Crop Mob Atlanta, Crop Mob Georgia, Events, News

Yeeeaaaahhh, it’s a little late notice, but we’re going to have a micro-mob this Sunday at Greg’s GreenLeaf Farms in Barnesville. Y’all all know how hard we’ve worked to help Greg get through this tough stretch, and we’re not quitting now! He’s going into the hospital for a procedure next week, so we want to help him get as much squared away on the farm as possible beforehand. Since it’s all last minute and stuff, you may want to just pack a lunch, or we can do the ol’ potluck plan and bring enough of whatever we’ve got to share.

We only need a handful of folks, but don’t worry – we’ll be having lots of these little impromptu gatherings at Greg’s to help him keep the farm going strong even when he’s on the mend.

It’s about an hour outside the city, so let’s try to carpool and plan on getting there around 9:30-10. See you there!

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