Honoring Earth Day with Gratitude

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Savannah mobbers celebrated earth day the only way we know how —  mobbing of course. Working on a farm, connecting to the best of the earth, was a natural choice. The day was warm and clear and there was a lovely breeze to ease our labors. We simply could not have orchestrated a better day. There were herbs to plant and beehives and chicken coops to be constructed. But it wasn’t all work – there were also bubbles to be chased, swinging hammocks to be swung and GREAT food to be eaten. There was also an antique camera to document our day (hopefully we will get to share some of those b&w’s online.)

The Giddens family showed us the true meaning of Gratitude with their warm welcome and heaps of delicious homemade food – including treats from their mulberry trees. A starring role in the feast was the donated grub from Cha Bella – which was absolutely amazing and the very definition of generous. Calling it “grub” is a disservice, it was high art and mobbers carefully appreciated every crumb as it was devoured.

At the end of the day, Gratitude Gardens had an international herb garden (cilantro in Mexico, Basil in Italy…), a nearly completed beehive, and new chicken coops for their biddies. And crop mobbers had new skills, new friends and a full tummy.

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