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We do our best to make sure all of our Crop Mob events are a good time where fun is had by all, but at its core, Crop Mob is really about lending a hand where it’s needed most. Sometimes, that just means getting everything ready for growing season or just helping shorten a farmer’s never-ending to-do list. Sometimes, it means a little more. This morning, we’ve got some of our nearest and dearest needing an extra hand – and we’re hoping you’ll help us provide it.

First, just as our close friend and compost-master Greg is starting to make a tentative and hopeful recovery from his medical conditions, a tornado decimated his greenhouse at GreenLeaf Farms. Sometimes it must seem like the trials and tribulations of small-scale farmers are more than any person could bear, but that’s why farming has always grown symbiotically with a sense of community; friends and acquaintances willing to jump in and help in any way that they can are the antidote to the numerous tests a farmer and his farm have to face. We were already trying to raise money to help Greg out with medical bills and recover; let’s give those efforts an extra push to help Greg and Maeda deal with the newest hurdle they have to jump to provide people with nourishing food. You can donate here, and be sure to share the link via your social networks. Make Facebook, Twitter and other such shenanigans work for the farmers we love. And, as always, keep your eyes open for some potential upcoming GreenLeaf micro-mobs.

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Speaking of micro-mobs…how about one this weekend? Surprise! We got a call to help out our beautiful friend Cecilia. Remember her from our mob at Patchwork City Farms? Well it turns out she’s the farm manager over at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm as well, and they’ve got lots of planting, mulching, weeding and a little greenhouse work to take care of. As a glowing pregnant lady, she’s working hard to create life in more ways than one, so let’s get a few people together to help her out this weekend. Oakleaf is a truly awesome farm that you won’t regret checking out – plus, it’s in some of our mobber’s backyard just south of East Atlanta! If Patchwork City Farm is closer to you, we’re looking for one or two people to help out there, too. Just go ahead and sign up for the mob, and let us know if you’d prefer to work at Patchwork.

Things to remember: this mob is on SATURDAY. I know, crazy stuff. If you show up Sunday, you’ll probably be put to work anyway, but we highly recommend showing up with the other mobbers. Secondly, due to the quick planning of this one, we can’t organize anything in the way of food. Unless someone wants to take charge and pull together a potluck style lunch, y’all might have to BYOL.

We can’t tell you how much it means to our farmers to be able to count on Crop Mobbers in times of need; your generosity with your time and hard work REALLY makes a difference — especially when the going gets rough.

See you Saturday (not Sunday).

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