Indian Summer

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It remains to be seen if we’ll have an Indian summer this year, but we know one thing for sure: it was a deep south summer day at Indian Ridge Organic Farm this past Sunday. Over the day, the heat index climbed upwards of 103. But did that stop us? Heck no! Didn’t even slow us down! After a scenic hike around the gorgeous property (think horses, wooded paths and a breathtaking farmhouse) we showed up at the fields already sweating through our clothes and ready to go.

Some first-time mobbers had a trial by fire (almost literally) and did GREAT. You should have seen the areas we cleared in no-time flat. We were lucky enough to have a mid-morning refreshment of iced coffee and goodies from Cafe Campesino – and it was exactly what we needed. At that point, the heat was so intense that I pretty much expected most mobbers to chill out in the shade until lunch. But no, not this crew. After a brief break, it was right back to work in the mid-day sun. We worked straight through until the smell of frying catfish called everyone in. That’s right – Miller Union did it again with an old school fish fry complete with the world’s most amazing hush puppies, field pea and tomato salad, coleslaw and watermelon. It’s funny how a staggeringly good meal can make you forget the heat. Darby announced the first of two August mobs (stay tuned for more info on those) and we all got a chance to unwind a little from a great day of work.

And then, we discovered the best feature of Indian Ridge Farm: the Soque River runs through it. Most. Refreshing. River. Ever. We all had a heck of a good time splashing around, cooling down, and sipping on some of Mike’s famous homebrew. Check us out – cool as cucumbers – at the end of the video!

It was a great one. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: our mobbers are the best. We work hard, we play hard and we get a couple of months worth of farmwork done in the process.

Keep an eye out for details on next month’s mobs!

Photo credit: Pete Mora

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  • indeed a fantastic day. The view, conversation and laughs on sorority hairy rock in the river were the highlight (outside of the yummy Miller Union food of course)….Folksy Brews is a given….just wish I could remember my new friends names 😉

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