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Hey there, Mobbers!

Some of you have been to several year’s worth of mobs, and some of you have only come to a few but there’s one thing that is true about Crop Mob whether you’ve been to 1 or 100: it’s all about community.

That’s why we need your help. The same handful of folks have been organizing Crop Mob Atlanta since it started five years ago, and as people’s lives get kind of crazy, we need some new blood to help keep Crop Mob Atlanta vital and exciting! We want to be as sustainable as the farms we help, and that means gathering some people together to keep Crop Mob available to Atlanta area farmers for years to come!

We’re not looking for anyone to manage it on their own (though if you’re interested in that, we’re certainly not going to turn you away) – we think a group of a handful of people would be best – that way people can rotate on and off as their schedules allow and it can be a fun activity rather than a chore for anyone.

If you’re interested on being on the Crop Mob Atlanta Board of Awesome, please email Kimmy at ASAP. We’ll figure out a time to get everyone together and put a great plan in place for 2015!

Thanks so much for all you’ve done for the Atlanta farming community and the local food movement – let’s keep going!

Sweaty hugs and dirty high-fives,
Your Crop Mob Bosses

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  • I’d love to jump in, but my email to Kimmy bounced – is there another address I can use?

  • Email to Kimmie is bouncing.

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