Last Mob of 2010 and Hootenanny Details

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Our last mob of 2010 at Truly Living Well went…well…WELL! It was a fantastic time at two of Rashid’s properties right around the corner from one another. It was a really unique experience to get to see how much can be grown in an urban space with very little. As Rashid said, everything done on his urban farm can be done with nothing more than a hoe, a rake and a shovel (some quality compost sure doesn’t hurt either!). We separated and planted garlic, transplanted kale, cleaned up existing beds and created some new ones, spread lots of compost and mulch, and decimated some mobber-high brambles. Once we had tuckered out and were slowing down before a veggie feast from Miller Union (with some seriously delicious pear crisp to boot), Rashid told us a bit more about his experiences, how his efforts have been received, current issues in the urban farming world around Atlanta, and generally inspired mobbers that we’re on the right track to help not only farmers but also folks in the city by helping provide access to quality foods.

If you’ve never visited Truly Living Well, be sure to put it on your to-do list. And great news: Rashid just broke ground on a new, 4-acre farm in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, so even more Atlantans will be able to eat healthy, natural foods grown close to them. At Crop Mob Atlanta, we hope to see more urban farms springing up and look forward to helping many folks get them up and running or maintain them. Our first large urban farm visit was a definite success, and we hope to keep helping Rashid as he turns more vacant spaces into thriving, life-sustaining farms.

And, since that was our last mob of 2010 (and what a great way to wrap up a successful year) – that means one thing: PARTY TIME! That’s right, guys, we’ve finally hammered out (most of) the details for our Holiday Hootenanny. We’ll be gathering at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market from 2-5 on Sunday the 19th for a potluck and a dang good time. Many mobbers have mentioned that (despite never tiring of the delicious fare from Miller Union) they’d like to show off their foodie chops and have a potluck – so now’s your time to show off! Just check out the link below to let us know you’re coming, see what other folks are bringing, and post what you’ll bring! There’s also a spot if you want to donate $5 to cover some of our party costs. It’s completely optional, but would sure help us make sure it’s a good time.

So – that’s about it! We’ll be sure to post pictures and fun stuff after the party, but as for 2010…Crop Mob Atlanta took root, kicked some serious butt, helped out a bunch of farmers, and fostered some pretty awesome friendships. And next year will only be better! Onward!

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