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Alright folks, the wait is over. Our first mob of 2013 is upon us and it’s going to be a super fun overnight mob. Our very first mob was for Sun Dog Farm when they were just getting started out in Douglasville. Now they’ve got their very own farm and we’re going to help them get it ready for an amazing growing season! And, in a beautiful twist of fate, they bought Hugh Lovel’s property where we have had previous, wonderful overnights!

So, if you would like to learn a lot about biodynamics, work hard, pit your strength against some unruly bamboo, and have a great time hanging out with other mobbers, then come on up to Blairsville March 2 & 3. We’re thinking it’d be easiest if you eat a big breakfast before you come and bring a sack lunch for when we need a break to hang out and eat. We’ll provide both a vegetarian and meaty chili for dinner and a fun oatmeal bar for breakfast – feel free to bring sides, fixins, dessert, whatever you’d like to contribute. Plus there are some GREAT barbeque spots to hit on your way back into town.

Since it’s an overnight, we can’t take as many folks and are limiting it to 15. We’ll be in the beautiful adjacent retreat center, Bird’s Nest, so we’ll be indoors (unless you opt for an outdoor bed) but bringing a sleeping bag and pillow would be a great idea. Be sure to bring all the essentials for a night out – toiletries, towels, extra clothes and instruments if you play. We’ll have a grand old time and can’t wait to see you there!

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  • Bummed….I will miss this mob, but I know you will have a blast. Our farmers market starts this weekend. Good luck Sun Dog on your growing season at your new forever farm home. And mobbers, you are in for a really treat with amazing folks!

    Blessings – Grandma Brock’s Country Farm

  • I’m completely new to the crop mobbing scene and have a few questions. Where do I direct them?


  • For the bamboo, Zoo Atlanta used to gather bamboo from around the state for the pandas. I’m not sure if they still do that or not, but it’s certainly worth a call.

    • Zoo A still does harvest bamboo…a friend received complimentary tix for hers…

  • The website layout is confusing.. can you add a heading that gives a synopsis of what this is for new folks?

    • Could you be a little more specific what you refer to as “this”? What Crop Mob is? What this post is? etc.

      A description of Crop Mob can be found on our About page. Link at the top of the site.

      All posts to our website are either about upcoming events or recaps of events that just took place. A big registration link can be found at the bottom of any post for an upcoming event.

  • What time does the event start on Saturday? When is it over on Sunday? Anyone want to carpool?

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