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Last weekend we had the good fortune to visit our pals Rebecca and Ross (and Crop Mob Superstar, Baby Josephine) at Many Fold Farm. And would could not have ordered a more gorgeous day! Despite the temperature swings of the past few months, we always seem to luck out with sunshine and perfect days for mobbing.

Usually, we all split up into several chores to get more tasks accomplished, but this time we had a big mamma of a task that we all pitched in on together: Crop Mob vs. Privet. Oh yes, Many Fold has some seriously awesome high-as-an-elephant’s-eye blueberry bushes that they’re trying to reclaim from the even bigger privet. We’re talking trees of privet. Seriously.

So we all got to work hacking and pruning and dragging and cursing that good-for-nothing (other than flower arrangements, decorative hedges and – as we discovered – stylish hairpieces) privet. It wasn’t without incident, though, as we accidentally roused the ire of a yellowjacket’s nest and they took no uncertain revenge for our disturbance. But MAN do we have some dedicated folks; a couple of ice packs and benedryls later, we were all still going strong.

I believe we had to make something in the neighborhood of 4-5 burn piles of all the privet we eradicated so as to avoid having an inferno pile. But you should have seen the difference!! That’s going to be one happy blueberry patch next spring…we might just have to have another mob to go and pick/eat them all!

After our work was done, we had some killer gumbo and fixins courtesy of the amazing Suzi Sheffield (you can check out her newest endeavor, Beautiful Briny Sea Salts on Facebook) as well as some mead and beer courtesy of Mike (keep up with his mead at Obec Medovina). It was a delightful time followed by a tour of the property. We were thrilled to see so many new faces and hope they become old friends and seasoned mobbers real soon.

Great job, guys. Crop Mob:1, Privet:0

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