Mark Your Calendars, It’s Mob Time!

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We’ve got some busy weeks ahead, mobbers. But we’re doing something we rarely do: we’re being super organized and letting you know about everything in advance so you can factor some seriously awesome mobs into your future plans.

We’ve tried to plan some exciting upcoming mobs — in fact, we’ve got a community garden, a local food and community engagement garden, one of our favorite farms and a middle school garden. Pretty good for variety, huh? And don’t forget, we’ll have super amazing food at each…because a mobber’s gotta eat!

So, check out what we’ve got lined up, mark your calendar, register for spots as they become available, and get excited!

September 10th: 4/4 Community Garden

Our pal Cubby is heading up the establishment of a community garden in the Old Fourth Ward. She’s got all the beds, irrigation, soil and seeds ready to go…she just needs some hands to help her get it all in place. Luckily, that’s our specialty! Not to mention that Rolling Bones BBQ (and potentially Sound Table) have offered to provide food. Join us for this great community-building in-town mob.

Click Here to Register for 4/4 Community Garden


September 24th: Crop Mob @ Bella Cucina

Whether at Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, or the storefront in Virginia Highlands, you’ve seen (and most likely drooled over) Atlanta’s own Bella Cucina artisan foods everywhere. As Bella Cucina grows, owner Alisa Barry is placing increasing importance on giving back to the community — and creating an on-site garden and community engagement kitchen are some of her first steps. Join us at Bella Cucina’s warehouse in East Point where we’ll be helping establish the garden while other Bella Cucina supporters tour the facilities, learn about what it takes to start up a garden, and more exciting goodies. Everyone will gather at the end of the day for an al fresco lunch courtesy of Bella Cucina created on tuscan grills (this is going to be epic). Of course, mobbers can enjoy all of these perks gratis for the hard work you’ll be putting in. This is one you will NOT want to miss!

Click Here to Register for Bella Cucina


October 1: Field of Greens Mob @ Whippoorwill Hollow Farm

Every foodie’s farm-to-table dream day, Field of Greens, will be taking place on October 2nd at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm. So, being the helpful mobbers we are, we’re going to head out there the day before and help our friend Andy get his farm in tip-top shape. If you’ve never been to a Field of Greens event, you’re seriously missing out. And now you can really feel like part of the action when you come help us set up and return the next day for some serious eating and socializing! (We’re seeing if we can’t line up any additional perks for mobbers who attend the event…more details to come.)

Click Here to Register for Whippoorwill Hollow


October 22: Family Mob at Coan Middle School

We’ve still got a few details to iron out about this one, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be a dang good time and a perfect mob to bring your kids. In fact, we encourage it! We might be partnering with Atlanta Public School’s Parent’s Farm2School Coalition to really have a heck of an event. In addition to some great family-friendly jobs, it’s looking like we’ll have a fun fall gathering with wood-fired pizza and either scarecrow or jackolantern creation stations (maybe both?). Keep your eyes peeled for details on this one; we’ll keep you aware of any exciting developments.

Click Here to Register for Coan Middle School

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