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Our mob at Atwood Community Gardens this past weekend was a small group with lots of newcomers (including some great guys from Patagonia…the store, not the region) and we had quite an interesting time. As will happen when planning community and volunteer events, there were several miscommunications and a bit of confusion; it turns out Atwood is still very much in the land clearing stage of development rather than cultivation, but mobbers can’t be kept down. With the help of our fearless leaders for the day – Coach Chin and Cubby – we put in a little time tackling vines and kudzu before visiting some friends at nearby gardens (including Rev. Bright at Good Shepherd Community Garden and Ms. Zimmerman at Rose Circle Garden) to give them a few extra hands and a break from the heat. It was great to get to know some new faces and we reconvened for a delicious catered lunch courtesy of the unbeatable Nicole Young. We even got to chat with some of the neighborhood kids about their aspirations when they grow up — a pretty good lunch conversation topic if I do say so myself.

Even if Crop Mob came a little too early in Atwood’s development (heck, they just got started this past February,) we have no doubt that Dana will help craft it into a wonderful, sustainable community resource  and example for other neighborhoods when it’s all said and done – and hopefully Crop Mob will be on hand when it’s time to get the veggies and herbs rockin’!

Check out the photos that Patagonia Atlanta posted to Facebook.

So – onward! Ready to head north of the city into the cool of the trees for a restorative morning? Join us at our next mini-mob on June 25th at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center. We’ll be doing all sorts of small tasks at this lovely retreat center including weeding the edible landscape of the Educational Garden, clearing space for a medicinal herb garden and forest gardening, weeding and mulching some beds and trees, lining the native plant walk and more. In case you can’t tell from the description of our chores, this will be a lovely opportunity to reconnect with nature and friends. We can’t wait to see you there at 9:30 for a great morning’s work!

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Photo credit: Patagonia Atlanta

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  • Thanks for having us we had a great time and we’re looking forward to the next one.

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