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Birds Nest Retreat

Sometimes talking about a mob can be challenging. Take this weekends escape to Birds Nest Retreat in Blairsville, for example. Registration was full in a matter of hours, a bunch of folks were on the waiting list…it seems almost mean-spirited to talk about what an amazing time we had, doesn’t it? Like we’re rubbing it in? What if we only do it a little…

It was a weekend to remember up at Blairsville where we ate, played in the dirt, partied, played music, and ate some more. The lovely Hugh and Shabari welcomed us in with open arms and we claimed a spot to sleep (a lucky few of us scored hanging beds on the porch) and all felt right at home. After taking a second to get to know one another, we head out to the garden to help get the soil in good planting condition by digging up and breaking clumps of sod, removing and composting leftover plant material, and dressing the field with biodynamic preparations. It’s a pretty sweet set up, because Hugh shares his wealth of wisdom about reading the soil and the composition of living matter throughout our work; I think we can all only hope that most of it sank in, as there were great lessons left and right. Between that and Shabari cluing us in to the essentials of herbal health and fermented foods – you felt like you needed to have a notepad on you at all times to get all the good stuff down!

We all cooled off from the heat by sitting on the porch, stirring a biodynamic prep together for an hour or so and slowing down a bit. It’s hard to deny Hugh’s claims that stirring the preps gives you a sense of well-being and energy, since after we finished our work for the day and spread the prep on the field, we settled in for a delicious turkey dinner, some blueberry ginger mead (Mike strikes again) and all sorts of pastries, pies and truffles in early celebration of Mike’s birthday and a general sense of camaraderie that only strengthened as we approached the evening’s jam session. FINALLY Crop Mob got some tunes going thanks in large part to our Italian exchange mobber, Sara, and her unbeatable guitar playing not to mention the basket of instruments and drums Shabari had at our disposal. There were drums, there were harmonicas, there was Jimmy with the recorder. It was pretty stellar. We made music until the wee hours when those of us lucky enough to have snagged a swinging bed hit the hay under the stars to the dulcet tones of bull frogs and even a pack of coyotes howling in the distance.

Morning brought Hugh’s legendary pancakes, many mobbers’ first introduction to sorghum syrup, and a pretty easy work morning. We slowly wrapped things up, went for a hike with Shabari to see the woods surrounding Bird’s Nest, and got some (hopefully) great pictures that we hope to see soon (HINT HINT, mobber photogs).

It was awesome. Sorry if you didn’t make it – there will be more. In the meantime, check your email in the next day or two for registration to our first FAMILY MOB in town on Saturday, June 11th! It’ll be a great time. We’re also still needing a few folks to sign up for the Whippoorwill Hollow Farm outing this weekend; due to a few miscommunications, nobody made it out there again this past weekend (though, I think a valiant mobber or two tried) and we really want to make sure he gets some help. So sign up for that today and keep an eye out for our next registration and incriminating photos from Bird’s Nest!

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  • hey guys, so im really trying to figure out what all this is about! i guess im what you would call a “landless- wannabe” haha… someone please explain this whole thing to me with a little detail to it please so i can decide if its worth the hour drive this sunday! thanks so much!!

    • Basically we get a group of people together to help out on a local farm. We do whatever the farmer needs, share a meal, and generally have a great time. Boots and gloves always help, sunscreen and bug spray are advisable, tools could be of use…just be ready for a great day in the sun getting dirty.

  • Hi ya’ll, It was great to meet you at my uncle Hugh’s. Would whoever was doing the email list please forward it to me? Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you and more Mobbers at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center June 24th!

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