Mobbing Pondside at Burnell Farm

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Even though autumn hasn’t quite cooperated yet with the cooler temperatures we’ve all been waiting for, we still had a fantastic mob. Everybody was up and at’em good and early to get to Royston, and we were greeted by the lovely Tammy Burnell and her husband Joe. In mobber fashion, we got to work and started knocking out chores almost as quick as Tammy could tell us about them! While the guys tore down the remains of an old, wooden greenhouse and secured the plastic sheeting of the new hoophouse, a bunch of us harvested okra, beans, peppers and more as well as clearing a field of rocks. We seeded and planted grape vines and all got to hunker down and trade stories while shelling and weighing beans.

We took an amazing tour of the property including a 9 1/2 acre pond (a few of us made mental notes to bring fishing poles next time around), chickens, rabbits and a beautiful cabin (well, we got to see the outside). And, as always, Miller Union was greeted with happy, hungry mobbers and provided a fantastic lunch of house-cured ham sandwiches with H&F bread, green bean salad, eggplant salad, and farm greens. Every meal they provide is a 10, and the homebrew from Folksy Brews doesn’t hurt one bit!

Now it’s the time we’ve been waiting for: October mobbing. What could be better than a day on the farm when the air is crisp and it’s chilly in the morning. Not to mention not having to get up *quite* so early! This October we’re going to have one large mob and one mini-mob. The mini-mob will take place October 2nd, and will help Whippoorwill Hollow Farm get organized and spiffed up for the next day’s Field of Greens festival!  It’ll be a great time, and come back the following day for the festival itself! If you’ve never been to Field of Greens, you can’t afford to miss it. Tip: come hungry! There are about 10 spots remaining for the mini-mob on October 2nd. Lunch will be provided, and Crop Mob attendees are welcome to hang around after lunch to walk the farm’s trails, visit the animals, check out the fruit trees and see what’s growing in the fields — so sign up now!

And for our big mob of the month, we’ll be heading to Cane Creek Farm on October 17 to spend some time with the amazing Lynn Pugh, organic gardening guru extraordinaire. More details to come on our exact chores, but looks like we’ll be putting up a hoophouse (since that’s our area of expertise now), as well as some general farm cleanup, harvesting and more. Cane Creek is only about 45 min. north of the city in Cumming, so we can actually get up at reasonable times for a 9AM arrival. We’re capping this mob at 50, and it’s bound to be a good one, so be sure to keep an eye out for the registration info coming soon! And, now that it’s cooling down, it’d be the perfect time to invite a friend!

More updates on all our October excitement soon! We’re so lucky to get to enjoy the cooler temperatures (hopefully) and start wrapping up this stunningly awesome year with our mobbers.

Hint: we might have a holiday/mobber appreciation party in the works!!!

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