One House, Two House, Red House, Greenhouse: Tewksbury Farm Fun

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The impossible happened: we went to a mob and didn’t do a lick of weeding (except, of course, the few weedaholics who just couldn’t help themselves). Instead, we covered fields with straw for winter, picked and bagged some ruby-red field corn, and…oh, you know…built a greenhouse or two. Two, actually. Maybe we didn’t COMPLETELY finish them, but we got the structure up and ready for Farmer Tate and had a heck of a good time in the process! Mr. Tewksbury (Tate’s dad) brought Lou and Sue, their gorgeous and enormous horses, down to the field so we could watch some old-school plowing, and we loved meeting all of the Morgan County locals who came out to help.

Once we were done working, we head up the road to meet some fantastic animals, have a cold one, stuff our faces and listen to awesome music. Seriously, does it get much better than that? The generosity at this mob was really amazing; Plow Point Farms donated and smoked so much delicious pastured Poulet Rouge chickens, Suzi Cooker Catering made amazing sides and desserts (I had no idea slaw could be that good!), the Morgan County Conservancy graciously donated 4 cases of much needed refreshment. And, to top it all off, The Bearfoot Hookers played an awesome set that kept our toes tapping (and perhaps inspired one or two of us to lead an impromptu hoedown by the lunch tables). The weather was finally starting to cool down a bit and hinted at a Fall we never thought would come.

And my oh my did we get our five minutes of sweaty fame! There were no less than four groups doing media pieces on the event including the Morgan County Citizen, Athens’s ezine BLVD, Ramsey Yount, and CNN! Crazy stuff, but it was fun to see all our mobbers getting interviewed – can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

Aaaaaand we’ve already got our September mob planned, too! On the 19th of this month we’ll be heading NE on 85 to Royston, GA (right before Lake Hartwell) to help Burnell Farm get ready for fall. Having relocated from Iowa a year ago after losing everything to floodwaters, the Burnells have worked hard to establish their farm and have several acres for production as well as chickens and rabbits. We’ll have an official chore list soon, but it will probably include finishing up some hoophouses, weeding, seeding, pulling out fence line – nothing our mobbers can’t handle! Expect more details and eventbrite registration soon!

This seriously just keeps getting better and better. And now we’ll have a good Georgia autumn to enjoy it by! I smell bonfires already…

Go Mob!

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