Our First Crop Mob – The Sun Dog Farmers

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It’s time for OUR FIRST MOB! That’s right, folks, mark your calendars for Sunday May 2nd when we’ll be heading to Douglasville, GA for the Mob to begin all Crop Mobs (well, around Atlanta, at least) with The Sun Dog Farmers at Skip’s Garden. What better place to start than at Crop Mob Boss Darby’s flourishing new farm on Skip Glover’s land. It’s going to be a great time with tasks perfect for any skill level. This will be the first of our monthly Mobs which we plan to hold on Sundays.

Miraculously, I think we actually managed to cover all important points at our kickoff…let’s see how a recap goes…

Safety First

Farming is a heck of a lot of fun and a heck of a lot of hard work. Remember to wear a hat, sunscreen, good shoes for working, water you know…all the important stuff. We’ll try and have water available at all our farms as well. Let us know if you can bring a big jug cooler filled with ice water.

It’s pretty simple – if you don’t feel well, just let someone know. We’re all friends here…better to have a sit-down than get overheated. All Mobbers will also sign a waiver. Don’t worry – it’s just to protect the farmers. We don’t anticipate trouble — mostly just fun and good-time-having — but we also need to dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

Getting There, Getting Fed

Now on to the big questions: how do you get to the farm and what kind of delicious food is going to go in your hungry, crop mobbing belly?

As far as getting there, we have setup a group on PickupPal so you can offer a ride or request one. The invite code is “cropmobatl” without quotes.

Regarding food, get excited. Miller Union has graciously offered to provide Mobbers with lunch. We hope to find other local restaurants dedicated to sustainable agriculture as awesome as Miller Union to help us out at future mobs. Remember, though, you have to register to the Mob on Eventbrite if you want lunch. Hey – we gotta know how many people are coming somehow!

Visit the event page on Facebook

Register on Eventbrite (Click Here)

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