Perfect Weather Mobbing

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Howdy mobbers. We’re sure you’ve all been spending plenty of time outdoors enjoying the amazing fall weather, and here are a few more opportunities. Come share the day with your mobber buddies and get some dirt under your nails while the crisp breezes blow. Followed, of course, by lots of food. Sounds pretty good, huh? We think so.

10/22 Family Mob @ Coan Middle School

Bring out the whole family for a day of middle school mobbing followed by a APS Farm to School rally. We’ll be doing all kinds of kid-friendly chores including creating pathways, mulching (relays anyone?), weeding and planting. There’s talk that the unparalleled chef David Sweeney might be whipping up some tasty creations for us. We’re even opening up more spaces for this mob so nobody gets left out. Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring a friend – just come on out for the fun!

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11/5 Permaculture Gathering @ Cedar Hill Enrichment Center

You might have heard a lot about permaculture recently but still aren’t quite sure what it’s all about. Join us back at Cedar Hill to find out hands-on with an introduction to working with the contours of the land to hold moisture, soil and nutrients without large-scale, expensive earthworks.

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11/13 Mobbing Manyfold

Some of you might have met Ross and Rebecca at our latest Burge mob (you know, the couple toting around the absolutely adorable and astoundingly well-behaved baby) and now it’s their turn! We’ll be heading to Manyfold Farm to help them get ready for winter by weeding and pruning their numerous blueberry bushes, weeding around the barn, some general maintenance tasks and helping build winter lambing jugs – little pens for lambing on pasture.

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