Pre-Field of Greens Goodness

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Has anyone noticed how incredibly amazing the weather has been? This past weekend was no exception. Mobbers joined Andy Byrd at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm to help get the farm in tip top shape for the Field of Greens festival the following day. And man, did we have a lovely day.

There was tons of laughter, some awkward posing, and a lot of new-friend-making. Most of our efforts were focused on planting and getting the space ready for the hungry folks arriving for the festival. We were also joined by photographers from Southern Living and all had a hilarious time playing models for a day – there was a lot of trying very hard to look busy (poor Emily must have plowed one row 57 times) and new nicknames like “blue shirt guy” etc. But in true mobber fashion, we made up for lost time by working hard and hanging around to work more after lunch.

Speaking of lunch, our Crop Mob hero Suzi Sheffield (who was at Field of Greens peddling her amazing Beautiful Briny Sea salts) whipped up an amazing vegetarian spread for us – I think I even saw some people going back for 4ths. All in all it was a great time, and I was thrilled to see most mobbers come back on Sunday for the 6th annual Field of Greens. It was a hit, as always…we’ll have to discuss favorite dishes at our next mob!

And I received a call from Andy asking me to thank each and every mobber and to let all of you know you’re welcome to visit, explore, and enjoy Whippoorwill Hollow Farm whenever you want. If you made it to this mob, you know what a special and wonderful guy Andy is…if you haven’t met him yet, make a point to do so.

Stay tuned for a post in the next few days about our upcoming mobs. We’ve got exciting stuff planned! First up on the docket is our Family Mob at Coan Middle School where we’re partnering with Atlanta Farm to School Coalition. Up next in November are a small permaculture intensive at Cedar Creek Enrichment Center and a full-scale mob at Manyfold Farms. Details and registration coming soon!!

Photo credit: Patagonia Atlanta

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