Processing to Permaculture: Crop Mob’s Got It All

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Our last mob was a really important and educational experience as – in addition to our usual weeding, cleaning, mulching, etc. – we processed a whole mess of chickens. Literally. Seriously, though, we were really glad that East West Family Farm provided us with an opportunity to let mobbers experience hands-on what goes into the ethical raising and processing of chickens. It was also fantastic to see such a thriving family farm tucked gingerly between subdivisions in Marietta. That – along with the delicious gumbo graciously provided by Five Seasons Brewing – made for a really great mob. Farmer Daniel and family asked me to convey their thanks – and we thank them for their hospitality!

Our next mob on October 14 will definitely be a case of the right place at the right time, as there’s not much more gorgeous than North Georgia in mid-October. If you’ve never been to Cedar Hill Enrichment Center, you’re in for a treat. This sustainable living center in Dawsonville is a fantastic place to learn, slow down, and reflect. Our last visit we began permaculture projects shaping berms and swales for better rainwater management. We’ll probably continue that work this mob, as well as sheet composting – or “lasagna gardening” – a fantastic method for growing bountiful crops without digging or tilling. You can also see all the fantastic projects in the works there from Black Soldier Fly and Worm bins to beehives and natural dyes. Plus, take a tour of the grounds and enjoy the labyrinth! We can’t wait to see you there.

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Thank you Greg Smith for sharing the photo!

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  • I still can’t say thanks enough. All the work y’all did was awesome!That gumbo was off the chain. Thanks again and much love!

  • Our well has run dry about three months ago at Tierra Sonrisa. We are in need of donations to put in a new well. I think we have exhausted available resources at this point. Please pass this on. Our educational non profit is a tax deductable 501(c)(3).
    Thank you,

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