Returning to the Nest

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Some of you may remember earlier this year when a few lucky mobbers spent a weekend up in Blairsville at UAI Farm and Bird’s Nest Retreat. I was there, and I can attest that it was a fantastic time. Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird Lovel are just about the most enchanting and amusing hosts anyone could ask for. We worked hard to get UAI cleaned up, were fed like kings with Shabari’s fantastic cooking, learned about everything from the essentials of biodynamic farming to good techniques for chopping firewood and dowsing. We shared laughs, found treasures, and made some pretty great memories. So we were pretty elated when Shabari called to let us know she and Hugh would be briefly returning from Australia and wanted Crop Mob to come out and help build a garden for Bird’s Nest.

Due to the nature of the event, we can only take about 15 mobbers, but it’s about the closest thing to Crop Mob Bed & Breakfast we can imagine. We hope if we do a bangup job and get a lot done, we’ll keep getting invites when Hugh and Shabari are in the states, so if you can’t make it to this one, don’t worry. If you can, though, it’s a wonderful time (did I mention the suspended beds on the porch??)

We’ll head up there Saturday morning the 21st and come back the afternoon of the 22nd. Be sure to bring a sleeping bag and whatever musical instruments you play; it’s a great chance for crash bonding, Crop Mob style.

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Photo credit: Jaymi Heimbuch

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  • Joy, Joy, Joy. Crop mob returns to Birds Nest. Thank you so much. We feel so close to so many of you.
    You are wonderful, the music and singing and fire by the pond. The garden cleaned of stones and planted, the lesson in Biodynamic preparations, the wonderful talks with Kimmey and Masamo. the mead, how lucky Hugh and I are to come from Australia and have you visit. We return in November for three months. Hope we can host you again. Less work More fun. With warm regards. Shabari Bird and Hugh Lovel

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