Self-Directed Mobbing at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm

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You guys have probably noticed by now that it’s a busy time for Crop Mob and an even busier time for farmers. Even though we wish we could provide a mob of people for everyone who needs it, sometimes we just have to put out the info and hope people will lend a hand. To be quite honest, I’ve found that you learn a lot more in a small, one-on-one time with a farmer than at a big ol’ mob, so don’t overlook these opportunities. We still have registration open for Whippoorwill Hollow Farm this Sunday but we recently got news from Oakleaf Mennonite Farm that they’re really needing a hand. Plus, they’re in East Atlanta, so many of you could make it by with friends even for an hour or two! They’re especially looking for someone to harvest for and/or work the East Lake Farmer’s Market – there’s even talk of taking home some produce bounty for all your hard work! Check out the rest of the post for more details and contact info.

Y’all are really making a difference in the local food scene – and certainly making a difference to farmers who are working themselves to the bone during this very busy time. We’re proud to have folks as generous with their time and sweat as you guys for mobbers and for friends.

Here’s an update from the wonderful Cecilia, farm manager at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm:

This week is especially important to have volunteers on the farm because I have an injury that prevents me from moving around, carrying heavy stuff and in general working efficiently. Angela and I will need your help. We have produce to harvest, process and package for 24 CSA members and for two markets this week. We also have irrigation lines to layout, mulching, weeding, and watering to do on hot days. I will provide a provisional farm work itinerary so you can check your work, home and life schedule to see where you can plug in at the farm. We welcome you to stop by to volunteer for any amount of time. We have gray bins located on the side of the education building (the building that is not the chapel) for you to use when harvesting and washing. I will leave a volunteer sign up note book on the side door or by the side door to the education building. Please sign in the time you start and finish and the tasks you worked on so that we can have it for our records. I am working on a farm schematic that shows all the sections, what is growing in each section and the tasks that need to be accomplished for each bed per section. The schematic will allow volunteers to be more self-directed as they become more familiar with our farm. I welcome feedback from folks about how to better communicate with you about our needs and yours. We will offer some of our produce to volunteers who come out to help around the farm. Also, feel free to spread the word amongst your friends and social circles. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you when you stop by. Please call me for further clarification. Please call Cecilia at 404-665-7138 or text me if it is not an emergency. I love texts because I don’t have to screen dozens of voice mails to get to you. It is better for me if you text me or call me on my cell phone because I only check emails late at night and the church phone gets checked once a day. Some times if you leave me a message it is not possible for me to answer you for a couple of days or a week depending on what is going on. Please be patient as we are very short on people power at the farm. Also, if you call the church line please leave a very clear message and speak slowly with your phone number repeated twice. Leave me a number to call you back and the best time to reach you. Emails are not great tools for farmers because we are usually outside away from technology. Thank you again!


8:00am-11am Assist with harvesting and processing
1-3pm Assist with processing and packaging
8am-7pm Harvest n wash crops for 12 CSA shares and Market
Divide up the produce into separate bins, weigh and package crops for market.

Morning and afternoon water plants in pots
Paint Crop I.D stakes

Saturday (East Lake Farmers Market)

7-8am Assist with market preparations, loading truck with equipment and produce
9am-1pm Assist with market sales and CSA distribution
1pm-3pm Assist with breaking down market and unloading van at church
Morning and afternoon water plants in pots
Paint Crop I.D stakes

I need some people to volunteer tomorrow morning from 8-10. We are harvesting lettuce heads and mixes, basil and some other produce. I also need one or two people to volunteer for this Thursady market at EAV in the afternoon. We load up at 2pm at the church, unload at EAV market at 3pm and leave market at 8pm to unload at the church and leave by 9pm. I am unable to bend, squat or lift heavy items at moment. I really need and appreciate folks stepping forward to help Angela this week. We are also harvesting on Friday for a CSA and ELF Market on Saturday morning from 9-1. I need two people to attend and staff this upcoming Saturday market. Let me know if you can help.

The farm is located at:
1088 Bouldercrest Drive Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30316-2269

(404) 944-0522

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  • This is my first time hearing of this. This is awesome!! Busy this weekend, but I will definitely stay connected for future opportunities!! Please put my name on the email list!!!!

    • Hey Deanna, see that you got on the email list. Hope to see you at a mob in the near future.

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