Shootin’ the Moon at our April Mob

Apr 12, 2011 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Crop Mob Atlanta, Crop Mob Georgia, Events

Hey guys and gals. Sorry for the late update on this one, but we’ll be mobbing Backyard Moon Farm in Lexington, GA (near Athens) this Sunday. It’s a pretty awesome operation run by Jared (you can check him out and get more info on the farm at his fun site and we’ll be doing our typical weeding, mulching, thinning, and solving the mysteries of the universe. We’re hoping to arrange a culinary treat courtesy of Farm 255, but if that doesn’t pan out, we might have a last minute appeal for pot luck goodies. Or pizza. There’s always pizza.

So, it’s starting to get hot (already??) so be sure to bring hats and sunscreen along with gloves, water, plates and utensils to cut down on waste, instruments if you want, beer if you’re so inclined, etc. You know how we roll. The headcount for this one is limited to 25, so sign up soon! We’re trying to arrange another small mob for the Saturday before Easter so we can get more people helping out this month during the crazy fast growing season, but we’ll let you know what pans out.

So, get psyched and we’ll see you in Lexington!

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  • I’m a student at Oglethorpe university. Someone referred me to this website. If I want to attend the Saturday preeaster event what should I do/bring?

    • Nelson, our event next Saturday is in Savannah. If you’d like to attend you can find the registration link here:

      We will have an event closer to Atlanta sometime next month.

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