SpeakEasy Epiphanies and Our August Mob!

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We had a small but highly productive (despite the presence of some seriously tasty honey basil ale) SpeakEasy the other night at Strongbox West. We went in with the goal of discussing how to get more Georgians growing and quickly reevaluated that goal. Do we need to encourage individuals to produce their own food, or simply to place more value on clean, locally grown foods?

Of course, there’s no straightforward answer, but we did generally agree that one of the biggest things those of us already involved in the sustainable food movement can do is demonstrate to others the importance and value of the food about which we feel so passionate. And many of us can attest, usually once you’re interested in local foods, it snowballs until you’re at the farmer’s market each weekend on a first name basis with the farmers — or in our case, are even lending a hand on the farm! Luckily, unlike many movements, we don’t just have words on our side — we have taste! There’s little more persuasive than a juicy Cherokee Purple tomato.

So we brainstormed a short list of things each of us can do to help other people understand why we feel so deeply about the sustainable and local movements. Please feel free to add or let us know if you’ve followed through with one of these ideas and how it went!

  • Invite a friend to come to the farmer’s market with you (introduce them to your favorite farmer!)
  • Bring a homegrown or local food dish to work; don’t be afraid to brag about it a little
  • Take your friend on a tour of your backyard or community garden (even if it’s only a wee plot) and let them get hands on with the good stuff
  • Share the bounty! Nothing says love like veggies from your garden or a jar of the jam you made from farmer’s market strawberries.
  • Throw a local food potluck – suggest some key seasonal ingredients for your guests (and tell them not EVERYTHING has to be local or they might get a complex) and be sure to share recipes.
  • Of course: BRING THEM TO A CROP MOB!
Anyway, those are just a few ideas the SpeakEasy braintrust came up with, but we’d love to hear what else you think of! And with no further delay, so you can introduce a friend to the fun, here’s the info on our August mob!

Crop Mob at Burge Organic Farm

We’re heading to the organic farm located on the breathtakingly beautiful Burge Plantation on the 7th. Some of our oldtimers probably remember our trip out there last summer hauling a sea of winter squash back and forth in the pickup. Here’s the recap from last year. It’s not a mob to be missed and we’re even getting pampered with lunch from Burge’s own chef! Check out the history of Burge and the farm here: http://www.burgeplantation.com/BurgeOrganicFarm.aspx

It’s a little under an hour to the east of Atlanta on I-20, but it’s completely worth the drive. And who wouldn’t want to get out of the city a little? It’ll be a really good one, so sign up quick!
Stay cool, mobbers.

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