Speakin’ Easy and Gardening at Gaia

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March was a good month, people. A wet, but good month. And much like the crops we work hard to help our farmers and urban gardeners tend, Crop Mob is shaking off the cold, really taking root and continuing to grow! Our friends in Savannah had another mob this weekend, we’ve had our inaugural social gathering SpeakEasy, and the torrential rain of last weekend paused just long enough for us to help out at Gaia Gardens!

Our first SpeakEasy was pretty fantastic and brought a whole new Crop Mob crowd out of the woodwork! We gathered to discuss the feasibility of Highrise Harvest Farms (or Dispersed City Farms), but ended up chatting about all sorts of exciting potentialities of groups like Crop Mob. We’ll probably aim to remain more focused on one topic in future SpeakEasys (perhaps topics you submit or vote on?) but in a way it was really perfect for our first: an organic conversation where the topic flowed and everyone got excited about something different. Lots of names and phone numbers were exchanged, a Google group was established, and, as if by some cosmic act of fate, the night wrapped up with a TERRIFIC performance by Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Who knew bluegrass/americana with some horns thrown in could be so dang great! And a huge thank you to Farmstead 303 (soon to be Rails Kitchen & Bar) for hosting us and being immensely patient with our tomfoolery and shenanigans. We had a whole lot of fun, and set the bar pretty high for future gatherings. YIKES! (Which of our mobbers have band connections??)

A couple days later many of us woke up in the wee hours of the morning to floor-shaking thunder and frequent lightening flashes. I was afraid that for the first time since we’ve gotten started, we’d have to cancel a mob. But since things tend to work out for our scrappy mobbers, the storms gave way to a steady rain that disappeared into a fine drizzle as we drove to Gaia Gardens in Decatur. It’s a fantastic 5 acres that’s part of the East Lake Commons but run by Love is Love‘s Joe and Judith. It’s a beautifully diversified farm, and it’s great to see a community support something so essential. We did quite a lot of very easy – albeit muddy – weeding thanks to the rain as well as improved drainage (by digging ditches) and some folks hung around to help remove some invasives. Joe gave us a great tour of the farm which included everything from blueberries to shiitakes. And, our culinary hero, Suzi Sheffield brought us some of the tastiest burritos I’ve ever consumed (and even had a vegan friendly option!) along with her fantastic, famous slaw. And we got a taste of Mike’s now commercially distributed mead from Montaluce! (It was really, really good!)

All in all, it’s been a great couple of weeks. We’ll most likely be having our next mob in the Athens area on the 17th – so start calling up your Athens buddies and arranging for a fun, but not TOO fun, evening the Saturday night prior – but we’ll announce the details once we get everything finalized later this week. Plus, we’re about to have a birthday, y’all! Crop Mob Atlanta turns one this month. They grow up so faaast!

More soon, good friends.

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