Swimming Holes & Pigweed: Join us at Wolfscratch Farms

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Hey mobbers! Hope you’ve been surviving the heat and enjoying the intermittent rains. We’ve got some super awesome, bound to be memorable mobs coming up just for you! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Greenleaf mob; it was productive, delightful and fun – what more could you ask for? Plus, Farmer Greg now has a pretty sweet hoophouse to rock year-round, so great job.

On to Wolfscratch! This farm holds a special place in our mob’s heart, as its farmers were some of our original mobbers back when they were just getting rolling. Now, we’re paying them back for all their hard work by helping them weeeeed! YES! (You know you love it.)

So beat the heat, head north, and join us Sunday, July 29th in Jasper, GA for a good ol’ fashioned mob. In return for the mob’s weeding prowess, we’ll be enjoying a straight-from-the-farm meal of smoked chicken tacos with heirloom tomato salsa and tomatillo salsa verde (veggies, they’ll also be providing zucchini, pepper and onion tacos). AND we hear that Wolfscratch is conveniently located two miles from a swimming hole with a waterfall. Yes, please! This one’s gonna be goooooooddddd….

Things to not forget:

  • Reusable Utensils & Plates (help cut down on waste)
  • Water Bottle (it’s hot out there, kids)
  • Good Gloves (one word: pigweed)
  • Brews of your Choice (optional, but certainly not discouraged)
  • Swimsuit!!!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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